The Creative Process for Developing Wyshbox Products - From Social Advertisements to the Homepage.

Tools used:
Figma / Illustrator / After Effects / Premiere / Procreate / LottieFiles / Bodymovin / Adobe Animate / Photoshop

On a daily basis, I assist the product and marketing teams with various tasks, including creating web and mobile animations using Lottie, developing animated marketing campaigns, designing social media posts, and illustrating editorial content that effectively communicate the value of our products to target audiences.

Rough animation

︎︎︎ Acquiring New Users with Advertisements

To acquire new users and increase brand awareness for Wyshbox, we utilized advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and Yahoo. These ads aimed to boost click rates and drive conversions.

I was responsible for designing and animating characters, as well as collaborating with the graphic and motion designers on the team to fulfill marketing requirements. We conducted A/B testing using both animated and static versions of the ads, which ultimately became one of our top-performing campaigns. 

Along with the UI/UX designers, I maintained the beloved family of characters and refreshed their look for the new Wyshbox homepage, converting them into Lottie assets.

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