A term life insurance product. I work as a full-time 2D animator and illustrator for Wyshbox’s branding and marketing assets.


Tools used:
After Effects / ToonBoom Harmony / Animate / Figma / Illustrator / Premiere / Audition / LottieFiles

My animation tasks include creating animated assets for the Wyshbox product interface, streaming videos, explainer videos, and animated content for social media posts based on the company’s branding guidelines. (︎Branding featured on In-house In-Focus by Underconsideration)

Launching Video
I produced the Wyshbox launching video in collaboration with the creative and the marketing team. I created the storyboard based on our creative copywriters’ delightful scripts and I then went on designing and animating.
Since Wyshbox is a client-centered service, our visual focus was on the characters, how they made their life decisions, and how these stories could create a connection and make our future customers relatable. Our goal was to set a humorous and informative tone in the brand’s storytelling. I mainly played the graphic with the literal and metaphorical phrases from the scripts, ensuring they echoed each other and carried the humor out.

Lottie Animation
I created 2D animated assets that live on Wyshbox's product interfaces: hero illustration of the website and mobile APP.

What’s most fun about these tasks is that our character-oriented designs built from reality serve a practical purpose and build connections, but our team would love to create in a more playful but trustworthy tone. I can have a character and their pet sitting on a giant computer and talking into the screen, or characters sitting on clouds with their laptop.
Plus, my favorite part is that our team is huge fans of pets, so I have the chance to create as many dogs and cats or other types of pets that surround the people. Really, they are our family members, so we’d love to add these real influences and feelings into our product heroes.

These features all separate Wyshbox from the traditional life insurance genre and give it a light and youthful energy that truly brings the service into this insurtech age.


Tools used:
Figma / Illustrator / Photoshop / Procreate / Clip Studio Paint

I have designed and conceptualized 150+ illustrations. They live on Wyshbox’s website and mobile APP as hero images, social media assets, and editorial illustrations for blogs articles.
I work closely with our creative team and copywriters to create compatible, compelling, and quick-turnaround editorial illustrations. From pitching the initial sketch, reading through articles, and researching the topic, I then develop the main subject to compose into visual stories. Despite the stock illustration vibe, I produce the illustrations with Wyshbox’s playful and optimized voice- characters floating on clouds surrounded by Wysh stars.

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