String & Key
Creative Mural︎︎︎

The mura art lives in the S&K Brooklyn office to inspire and relax creative folks during work; it could add a little color during meeting hours - a unique visual presentation of a balanced life and work environment.

Art Direction: Micah Heiselt
Design + Illustration: Richan Li
Coloring: S&K Creative Team

Tools used:
Photoshop / Figma / Brush + Acrylic Paints
Illustrations are causally spread across the wall, filled with iconic sights and elements of Brooklyn and people from the BK office. They talk, dance, and exchange thoughts in abstract lines and colored shapes, collaborate with creative tools, play games on the couch, and enjoy Happy Hour together, just like the real S&K office fun.

The bold chunk of colors maximizes the delightfulness of the creative team (as we do in the company) and matches the modern interior design, with the warm highlights giving a cozy spot in the industrial-style workspace. Flat abstract shapes are friendly for those experienced with paint (or not) to participate in consistent and worry-free coloring and enjoy the collaboration on this tall mural.

©2021-2023, Richan Li ︎