An animatic collaborated with Kino Jin for Youtube Channel Recreyo. My tasks were creating the initial storyboard thumbnail and partial clean-up.


Tools used:
Clip Studio Paint
A 17-minute animatic about a group of five in a space adventure; one of them is imposed by an alien who tries to destroy this trip... will it succeed?

An animatic collaborated with Kino Jin for Youtube Channel Recreyo that gained ~78k views after its publishing in 5 days (currently at 754k views).
There were fun challenges, like receiving audio without scripts, which gave us a vast space to let the imagination flow. Kino carefully tracked all the words and references down, and I put my effort into conveying the jokes and puns into the visuals. We both enjoy this project that involves exaggerated postures, expressive characters, and the creation of a suitable stage to present the dynamic experience of the five friends.


Tools used:
Clip Studio Paint
This time, the Recreyo crew put on the sorting hat and answered fantastical questions to determine which house they were in.

Another project Kino and I collaborated on for Recreyo; the video has reached 608k views since early 2021.
We both grew up watching and reading the Harry Potter series. This time, we researched and put our effort into capturing the reference from the original movie settings and created a familiar world to host the sorting hat ceremony test that folks at Recreyo were going through.

The magical world opens up many possibilities in both storyboarding and visual elements. We very much enjoyed creating poisons and magical creatures.

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