Book Reading APP is an award winning UI/UX project thoughtfully created to enhance readers’ experience in digital reading and online communities.

Art Direction + UI/UX Design: Angie Liu
Illustration + Animation: Richan Li

Tools used:
Figma / Illustrator / After Effects
The Book Reading Application provides a space for passionate indie writers to publish their work, for curious readers to find indie writers, and for users, including writers and readers, to share their insights.

The illustration highlights a clean shape and lines with a muted complementary color to appear approachable. We strived to provide a friendly style through characters, color, and icons to nurture a cozy, inclusive, and welcoming space for exchanging thoughts.

︎︎︎ 2023 Vega Awards
      Apps & Softwares, Gold Winner

︎︎︎ 2023 MUSE Creative Awards
     App - Education, Gold Winner

︎︎︎2023 Creativepool Annual
    Application Individuals, Silver Winner

︎︎︎2023 Creativepool Annual
    Application Individuals, People’s Choice Winner

︎︎︎ 2023 A’ Design Award & Competition
    A’ Mobile Technologies, Application and Software 
     Design Award, Iron A’ Design Award

︎︎︎ UX Design Awards
     Nominated Concept

︎︎︎ Golden Pin Concept Design Award
     Communication Design, Shortlist

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